I'm not into recommending things.
Donald Lindstrom
I had a very pleasant experience from selecting my flooring to walking on the finished product. The products offered appeared to be of high quality and still met my demanding budget. Lead time to get it installed was not too long and the installation was done in less than a day.
Emauel Vena
carpeting in family room was a shorter pile than the original carpet. Josh said he would take care of it by staining the leading edge of the adjacent hardwood floor so that the transition would not look unfinished. I already had the stain. That was May 19. Today is June 3 and I got tired of waiting and did it myself. Also, sent a reminder email to him. Not sure why he has an email address if he isn't going to use it for anything but sending me the bill.
Scott Davis
I will wait until the project has been completed. Please complete the job
Francis Keetley
The quality of the work is good, but the amount of time it took to actually get the person out there to do the job was pretty lengthy. Otherwise I am pretty satisfied with the work.
Thomas Larkin
Josh is so easy to work with - very informative, prompt, and had lots of great samples to show me. Drew, who installed the floor, is fantastic! Our floors are absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to get all of the floors replaced.
Terri Heimerman
This was not a good installation process in any way and it's still not to our liking a month later with original trim still broken and unaccounted for and the 1.5 day job taking 3 weeks. While I have decided to refrain from posting the very bad review I probably should online, we are not happy and will not recommend your company to anyone in the future, nor will we use you to finish the rest of the flooring work were are looking to do next year.
Jeramiah Olson
Our pad and carpet were a challenge, I think, but the crew did a great job getting it to lay down again nicely. They worked in a timely manner, and cleaned up when they were finished. Very happy with the job they did
Donna Bruck
We had a little trouble getting things going. Once things got going, were messy. To me, they still haven't finished the job, waste materials to be picked up . When they put the tile on the wall, I have cement sticking out beyond the tile edge. Supposed to get a gift card and never received it either.
Becky Ferch
The scheduling of the work and communication between Floor Coverings and the subcontractors needs improvement.
Debra Theis